About Us

Taking it Back to Nature

We believe that all the nutrients a human needs to live a healthy and vibrant life is right here on mother earth. We don't need chemicals, prescriptions, and supplements, rather organically harvested food from our earth. Our body is a temple, and we're here to help you keep it fully charged.

Our St. Lucia Sea Moss is highly dense in minerals and vitamins to allow you to stay in peak health and feel fully energized every morning. No laziness, no feeling unmotivated.

Our Mission

We give you nutritious sea moss from our Ocean, and it's our job to give back. For every Sea Moss Gel sold, we are donating $1 to ocean-based charitable institutions such as - Oceana, ORCA, Coral Reef Alliance, and 4Ocean. 
We want to make a difference on earth, and with your help we can do it.