Premium St. Lucia Sea Moss

Wildcrafted - Natural - Sun Dried

Enrich your health, beauty & mind with Sea Moss. Sea Moss is a seaweed that contains 92 of the body's 102 essential minerals.

Canada's New Superfood

All our Sea Moss comes direct from local St. Lucia farmers. The Sea Moss is naturally grown in mineral rich waters surrounding the St. Lucia island, hand picked, cleaned and dried in the sun.

Certified Sea Moss

Our Sea Moss is phytosanitary certified so you know you are getting 100% authentic, natural, vegan, NON-GMO sea moss with no preservatives or additives. Our brand thrives on honesty and openness to our customers. With our products, you get pure sea moss that is entirely sourced from nature.

Our Sea Moss is sourced from small farmers in St. Lucia and crafted with love in Canada ❤️