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Sea Moss Powder

(120 Servings)

  • Organic plant-based superfood and is sustainably wild harvested by hand off the coast of Maine, which is known for having the highest quality irish moss

  • Provides you with vitamins & minerals, especially iodine, calcium, ligans, as well as iron. 

  • Use Sea Moss Powder in your favourite morning smoothies to add more nutrients.

  • Organic plant-based superfood 

  • Sustainably wild harvested by hand off the coast of Maine

  • One scoop adds dozens of nutrients to your smoothies

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Our Gold Sea Moss is harvested from the pristine waters of Saint Lucia. It is a marine protected area that restricts merchant activity in an effort to minimize pollution and contaminated waters. Sea Moss is a red algae that has been used for thousands of years as food thickeners, and for its known health benefits - Specifically the Caribbean due to its low pollution in certain areas to yield the most nutrients.

Our sea moss is sun-dried, 100% natural, and we have phytosanitary certificates for authenticity. With our products, you get a pure sea moss that is entirely sourced from nature. It’s time to steer off cheap products that compromise your health.

Sea Moss Gel Recipe

1. Rinse & clean sea moss twice in spring/filtered water

2. Soak sea moss in filtered water for 12 - 24 hours

3. Blend in a blender with water until you reach your desired consistency

4. Pour into jars and let sit in fridge for 2 hours

Phytosanitary Certificate

Our premium sea moss is sourced directly from St. Lucia and sourced by local farmers. All of our sea moss undergoes testing and we have a phytosanitary certificate to ensure you know you're always getting authentic sea moss.

Most Capsules & Gels Waste Your Money

Our bodies are not efficient - only a small share of what we consume gets absorbed into our bodies. As a result, the capsules or gels we take into digestion production little to no result.

Try sea moss powder and absorp maximum nutrients.

Sea Moss Powder

  • Easy to consume

  • More nutrients per serving

  • High absorption efficiency
  • Wild harvested by hand
  • Easy on the stomach

Capsule/Pre-Made Gels

  • Fewer nutrients per serving

  • Low absorption efficiency

  • Diluted with water or filler
  • May be hard to swallow
  • Cause nausea for some people

Take 1/2 tsp a day

Sea moss powder is a delicious superfood to add to your smoothies. No artificial colors, fillers or added ingredients. Can be taken before, with, or after a meal.


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Where do you source your sea moss?

Our Sea Moss is sourced wild from the pristine waters of Saint Lucia.

How long will 4oz last me?

One 4oz package will make 4 jars of sea moss, which can last you up to 3 months. 

How long does sea moss gel last?

Sea Moss gel is good for roughly 3 weeks. We recommend making a jar of gel when needed and storing the rest. 

Where do you ship?

We ship across North America!

How long does shipping take?

Once shipped, all Canada orders will arrive in 1-4 days, and 2-7 days for USA. 

Where are you located?

We are located on Vancouver Island, BC Canada!

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