How Our Wild Sea Moss Powder Is Made

From Ocean To Package

Step 1

Wild Grown In Maine, USA

Our journey commences in the open waters off the coast of Maine, USA, where the finest Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus) thrives. In its natural habitat, this sea moss absorbs the ocean's nutrients, resulting in a robust and nutrient-rich marine plant.

Step 2

Harvesting Wild Chondrus Crispus

Our Irish Sea Moss is hand-harvested only in new growth ocean beds, leaving the deeper, mature plants alone as they are responsible for creating good spawn of new plants for years to come. Once harvested, the sea moss is placed in insulated boxes that are filled with seawater until they are ready to dry. This keeps the sea moss fresh and keeps the plants from decomposing

Step 3

Sun Drying Process

Once harvested, the divers use the gentle power of the sun for our drying process. Laid out under the sun's warmth for up to a few days, the sea moss naturally loses its moisture, maintaining its inherent nutrients and properties while taking on a more concentrated form.

Step 4

Blending Into Powder

The dried sea moss is then carefully blended into a finely textured powder. Our skilled craftsmen delicately blend the sun-dried sea moss to preserve its natural attributes.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

Quality is our utmost priority. Before proceeding, we review the lab tests for the irish sea moss powder. This meticulous analysis screens for any presence of microbes, potential allergens, and heavy metals, ensuring that the product aligns with the highest standards of quality.

Step 6

Transport Irish Sea Moss Powder To Vancouver

Once our quality assurance is conducted, the irish sea moss powder embarks on a swift journey from Maine, USA to Vancouver, Canada. By packaging the powder in food-grade, sealed bags, we preserve the sea moss' freshness and it's quality throughout the transportation process.

Step 7

Packaging The Product

Mindful of sustainability, we thoughtfully package our Irish Sea Moss powder in environmentally-friendly containers. These airtight packages safeguard the powder's freshness and potency, guaranteeing that each use provides the full spectrum of sea moss's inherent benefits.

Step 8

2nd Round Quality Assurance

Upholding our unwavering commitment to excellence, the Irish Sea Moss powder is subjected to another round of lab testing post-packaging via a 3rd party lab. This final examination confirms that the product retains its exceptional characteristics, aligning with our stringent benchmarks for quality and safety.

Final Step

Ready To Use!

After a journey through the sea's bounty, careful sun drying, rigorous testing, and meticulous packaging, our Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus) powder is ready for your use. Whether incorporated into smoothies, added to culinary creations, or utilized in skincare routines, this nutrient-rich powder is at your service. Harvested from open ocean waters off the coast of Maine, USA, and ready for you to enjoy its benefits with every use.